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When you have to separate employees, you want to control the risks associated with this separation and help them move on. Our outplacement solutions are customized to ensure a smooth, expedited transition to a new job for them. Meanwhile, you minimize your risks, reduce the cost of unemployment insurance, protect your brand, and attract top talent.

Superior Support

Employees access a globally available portal for detailed information on their progress and communications with the YES team. Each client is assigned a dedicated certified career coach; a team of interviewer, drafters, and editors to perfect their cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile; and exceptional interview training. Our numbers speak for themselves.

Proven Outcome

The median/average employee we serve ...

is contacted by 12 recruiters,

interviews with 5 employers,

finds a new job in 8 weeks of working with us, and  

gets 14% increased pay at the new job.

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We use our experience to create yours

When you have to separate employees, you want to make sure you can hand them off to a company that truly cares about helping them get a new job fast, not to mention get their confidence back. Our most recent study, as of April 2020, shows that our median/average client gets a new job in two months at 14% higher pay. Of our over 120 reviews on Google, 99% are 5 or 4 stars.

Many employees mention that our services gave them confidence and a great return on investment. With a small, highly rated outplacement services company, every client counts. We help your separated employees with the 5 P's of job search: career purpose, planning, preparation, practice, and perseverance. They will get a 5-star experience with as many touches as they need to get a new job.


Discover how we make a difference with your company

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, someone—perhaps many people—have to be laid off for the survival of the company.

In this guide we will share with you some of the most effective ways to compensate for the key negative impacts of layoffs on a company ...


Check what our clients say about their success

From the start, I had a very demanding expectation and the YES team did everything in their power to exceed those expectations.  They truly are there to help employees and make you a success in your job.

Lisa P.


Within two hours of submitting my application I received a call! I scheduled my interview training the next day. The mock interview made me more relaxed and ready for anything I would encounter during the interview. The day after my interview I received a phone call with a job offer!

David M

operations director

After practice with my coach, I just watched the Aikido video the night before the interview and the following day, I was hired ON THE SPOT! The interviewer said I asked excellent questions about the company, which I never would have asked if I hadn't done Aikido.

Susan L


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What We Offer for Outplacement Services

You can choose from over a dozen customizable packages, including the following:
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview training and mock interviews with one-to-one coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Individualized career planning
  • One-on-one live career coaching
If you are wondering "who is the best outplacement services near me" consider this; YES can provide the exact outplacement services solution to your reduction-in-force (RIF) requirements. Not only do we assist separated employee to rapidly secure new employment. In addition, we are the only company that provides them a complementary career advancement plan upon re-employment to ensure ongoing growth and satisfaction. While each client company may require its own custom solutions, many of those solutions may include one or more of the following building blocks:
  • Resume writing—Our 3-person process using top resume writers ensures a flawless, keyword-rich resume chock full of quantified accomplishments
  • Cover letter writing—The special formula we use in our cover letters enables the candidate to quickly show an employer that they understand their needs, have brought previous employers outstanding results, and will create tremendous benefit for the employer.
  • LinkedIn profile writing and a guide to using LinkedIn to get a job—LinkedIn is the best way for candidates to network their way to a job on the hidden job market, and YES has its own Inner Circle LinkedIn group for networking and guidance from HR professionals.
  • Interview Aikido—Our signature interview training and practice program empowers candidates to find out what the employer wants to buy before they try to sell them anything. The spiritually-based program also puts clients in the mindset of win-win, instead of fearing poor performance.
  • Career coaching—For the candidate who may want an accountability partner while changing jobs or wants to explore a different field or who wants support for their networking strategy and exit plan, career coaching helps them with the career discernmentinner gamenetworking genius, and/or executive access strategies they need.
  • All services are satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Corporate clients can rest easy with a standing contract for the services they require throughout the year.
  • 5% discount for NOVA SHRM members

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